New Release(s): Fourteen Twentysix – In Halflight Our Soul Glows

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Eindhoven-based rockers Fourteen Twentysix have returned to Mine All Mine once again with their latest album, In Halflight Our Soul Glows. This time, the band is more electronic than ever, and tighter than ever. This is a marked growth for the band as a unit, and we can’t wait for you to hear the new Fourteen Twentysix.




New Release: Mine All Mine Two Hundred!

After roughly five years and eighty-plus artists (almost all available for free today), Mine All Mine Records is exceedingly proud to set free our 200th release. This set of 28 tracks features many faces from our past as well as artists new to the label, and every track (at the time of release) is new and unreleased elsewhere. Enjoy nearly two hours of new music spanning the entirety of what Mine All Mine Records has to offer.

Sales and donations from this compilation all go toward updating the Mine All Mine Records website in order to offer sorting, recommendations and more. All free options remain available.


New Contest: Fourteen Twentysix Remix Contest

Not long ago, we released APRX|ETA 01, an album that consists of several remixes of Fourteen Twentysix’s latest album, Lighttown Closure – all by EXM. Now, it’s your chance! In our first ever remix contest, Fourteen Twentysix is making available the master stems for every track of their latest album for you to remix, mashup and tear apart in whatever ways you can! As an added bonus, Ableton Live users are provided with the original project files as well.

Download the remix kits below and have at it! Oh yeah, there are prizes. If you have any questions, or a download link dies, comment below. Submit your final remixes at the link below.

General rules…

Deadline: September 15th
Entries per contestant: Unlimited
File formats accepted: wav, flac, alac, aiff
Time limit: 9 minutes


Winning artists – chosen by mam!records and Fourteen Twentysix – will have their tracks included on the digital release of APRX|ETA 02, and will receive limited edition cassette copies of the APRX|ETA series that are only available through this contest.

Download the remix kits…

01. AM + After The Storm (280.05 MB – 120 BPM)
02. Closing Hours (195.87 MB – 168 BPM)
03. Gone Today (215.35 MB – 130 BPM) (CLOSED)
04. Tonight I (324.88 MB – 120 BPM)
05. Signals In The Sky (332.23 MB – 120 BPM)
06. Descending (246.31 MB – 100 BPM) (UPDATED)
07. White Paint (112.20 MB – 168 BPM) (UPDATED)
08. Lashes (390.47 MB – 100 BPM)

Submit your remixes…


New Releases: 30 June 2010

Today, mam!records is happy to bring to you two great new releases from electronic artist evolv.  The first the originally self-released Thoughtless Thoughts EP, which features evolv’s minimalist ambient and electronic sounds tinged with post-rock style.  The second is the mam!records-exclusive remix album, Thoughtless Thoughts Remixed, which features fifteen tracks by various artists, tearing apart and re-arranging evolv’s original EP.

Click below to download and comment….

mam116 - evolv - Thoughtless Thoughts Remixed mam117 - evolv - Thoughtless Thoughts Remixed

New Release: 29 June 2010


Tonight’s new release is Pokket’s long-awaited debut album under this new moniker (formerly stop\eject).  It serves as the follow-up to 2008’s Falling Infinity, and features more of his style of laid-back, chilled-out ambient tracks – this time with more hip-hop influence than ever!

Make sure to check back soon for the series of exclusive wallpapers, as well as more download options.  Due to continued uploading issues, some formats have been delayed (and possibly some releases).

New Release: 22 June 2010


This week’s new release is the first installment of Fourteen Twentysix’s APRX|ETA series.  This album features electronic artist EXM remixing material from Fourteen Twentysix’s most recent album, Lighttown Closure.

Check back on July 15th when mam!records begins hosting a remix contest to create APRX|ETA 02.  Artists will be able to download the entire set of master stems from Lighttown Closure and submit one or more remixes.  There will be exclusive prizes as well.