Mine All Mine Records Shop & Distro Update: 7/13

Mine All Mine Records Shop!

Today, we’ve finally added some things to the Mine All Mine Records shop that have been inexplicably waiting.  Check out the shop here, or read on for all the new products being offered.
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New Releases: 30 June 2010

Today, mam!records is happy to bring to you two great new releases from electronic artist evolv.  The first the originally self-released Thoughtless Thoughts EP, which features evolv’s minimalist ambient and electronic sounds tinged with post-rock style.  The second is the mam!records-exclusive remix album, Thoughtless Thoughts Remixed, which features fifteen tracks by various artists, tearing apart and re-arranging evolv’s original EP.

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mam116 - evolv - Thoughtless Thoughts Remixed mam117 - evolv - Thoughtless Thoughts Remixed