Buzz: Lighttown Closure Reviewed. Again.

Several months ago, we released Fourteen Twentysix’s awesome new album, which you can get for free here. Even after half a year, the reviews continue to pour in as the band works on its next album as a full band.

Click here to read the most recent review, which comes from UKmusicreview – they gave the album a solid 7/10!


New Release: 22 June 2010


This week’s new release is the first installment of Fourteen Twentysix’s APRX|ETA series.  This album features electronic artist EXM remixing material from Fourteen Twentysix’s most recent album, Lighttown Closure.

Check back on July 15th when mam!records begins hosting a remix contest to create APRX|ETA 02.  Artists will be able to download the entire set of master stems from Lighttown Closure and submit one or more remixes.  There will be exclusive prizes as well.