mam116 – evolv – Thoughtless Thoughts EP

mam116 - evolv - Thoughtless Thoughts EP

Previously self-released, evolv makes his debut on mam!records with the original Thoughtless Thoughts EP.  This release features ten tracks of minimalist electronic post-rock and ambient sounds.  This release comes to us today to serve as a background for the new album of remixes.


Editor’s Note:
Make sure to check out the very special Thoughtless Thoughts Remixed here.

Track List:
01.  Joining Hands
02.  Kindly Exit
03.  Lego Eye
04.  What Came Over
05.  OddScience
06.  Alone Yet Safe
07.  The Boat Was Sinking
08.  Washedway
09.  Untitled
10.  evolvaudioproductions

Release Date:
30 June 2010

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