mine, all mine! records was conceived toward the end of 2006 as a platform for releasing limited edition copies of the first recordings by founder John Kruse.  At first, the label would cover only two projects – The Purple Paring Knife and [praw] – though the first releases would not come out until 2007.


August 15th – mam!records offers items for free download at Archive.org.  This is the adopted birthday of mam!records.


March 7th – mine, all mine! records opens to the public with a profile on Myspace.com.

March 13th – a re-release of Tovarisch!’s Exception in Thread “Main” becomes the first release on mam!records to not feature The Purple Paring Knife or [praw].  Many other releases follow soon after.

Summer – the first mam!records sampler is released for free on the streets of Madison as well as at various events.

July 5th – mine, all mine! records hosts their first official show, featuring [praw], City of Sol, Eric Hall, Pacific Before Tiger, The Bilderberg Group and Ben Knollenberg.  The show took place at The Nottingham Coop with a full audience.

On that same day, the first professionally pressed CDs on mam!records are released.  These include [praw]’s Playing Magnificats and K. Wilhelm’s Cold Shutter.

September 5th – mamrecords.com launches to the public.


A slow (yet important) year for mam!records, because founder John Kruse spent 10 months in Norway.


November 27th – mine, all mine! records officially becomes Mine All Mine Records. [news]

December – Mine All Mine Records artists Pushmi-Pullyu, Fambly Fun! and Bell Monks appear on Madison TV at WYOU.

December 9th – Mine All Mine Records collaborates with SlaveFree Madison, hosting the Umbrella Music Festival.  The same day, the first Mine All Mine charity CD is released. [news]

December 28th – Mine All Mine single “Get To Know You Song” by Tom Teslik ranked in the top fifteen Madison tracks of the year. [news]