New Contest: Fourteen Twentysix Remix Contest

Not long ago, we released APRX|ETA 01, an album that consists of several remixes of Fourteen Twentysix’s latest album, Lighttown Closure – all by EXM. Now, it’s your chance! In our first ever remix contest, Fourteen Twentysix is making available the master stems for every track of their latest album for you to remix, mashup and tear apart in whatever ways you can! As an added bonus, Ableton Live users are provided with the original project files as well.

Download the remix kits below and have at it! Oh yeah, there are prizes. If you have any questions, or a download link dies, comment below. Submit your final remixes at the link below.

General rules…

Deadline: September 15th
Entries per contestant: Unlimited
File formats accepted: wav, flac, alac, aiff
Time limit: 9 minutes


Winning artists – chosen by mam!records and Fourteen Twentysix – will have their tracks included on the digital release of APRX|ETA 02, and will receive limited edition cassette copies of the APRX|ETA series that are only available through this contest.

Download the remix kits…

01. AM + After The Storm (280.05 MB – 120 BPM)
02. Closing Hours (195.87 MB – 168 BPM)
03. Gone Today (215.35 MB – 130 BPM) (CLOSED)
04. Tonight I (324.88 MB – 120 BPM)
05. Signals In The Sky (332.23 MB – 120 BPM)
06. Descending (246.31 MB – 100 BPM) (UPDATED)
07. White Paint (112.20 MB – 168 BPM) (UPDATED)
08. Lashes (390.47 MB – 100 BPM)

Submit your remixes…



33 thoughts on “New Contest: Fourteen Twentysix Remix Contest

  1. Hey all,

    The song tempo’s are:

    AM + After The Storm = 120
    Closing Hours = 168
    Gone Today = 130
    Tonight I = 120
    Signals In The Sky = 120
    Descending = 100
    White Paint = 168
    Lashes = 100

    Sorry for the wait and don’t ask us why there’s 168 tempo’s in there :)

    How does everybody enjoy remixing? Were the files all good n easy to use?

  2. The song stems were so easy to manipulate, which made the mixing a lot of fun. I enjoyed playing around with the songs; and I only hope that people, especially the band, enjoy listening to what was created.


    • Hey Ed,

      Thats nice to hear. We hade quite a lot (I mean 6 evenings of rendering) in total to get everything prepared so neatly for others to use. It was a bit of a monster we had not anticipated it to be :)

      Cant wait to hear material, we encourage everyone to publish it to the link above.

      The sooner you commit your track the sooner we can get it on the 3voor12 radio channel!! People actually will listen and vote for your track!


  3. misschien is het, het vermelden waard dat hoewel ik als stoere man niet snel geraakt wordt door muziek ik toch erg geraakt was door jullie zomerfeesten set.

    Tom vroeg me nog eens een 1426 nummer te verkrachten. Ik denk aan een jumpstyle remix om mede langs deze weg mijn mannelijkheid terug te winnen. ik hoop dat we deze keer wel de CD halen.

    • Yo OD,

      :) well nothing to be ashamed off, I heard more people cried during the show. I just hope it wasnt because we were so bad :)

      Looking forward to the remix, remember we’ve short of a month to go. If its good it will be on the release for sure! I’ve started on creating the artwork, once more remixes come in I will need everybodies artist info as well to finish the booklet.


  4. Hey everyone!

    How are the remixes coming along? So far I know the following songs have been remixed:

    – Gone Today
    – After The Storm

    To ensure we get the best and varied possible release I wanted to motivate people to do a remix of the following songs:

    – Lashes
    – Closing Hours
    – Tonight I

    Please remember the deadline is the end of September and to send your artist name and some info to or Mam records for the artwork of the release.

    have fun!!


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