mam114 – Fourteen Twentysix / exm – APRX|ETA 01

mam114 - Fourteen Twentysix - APRX|ETA 01

APRX|ETA 01 is mostly inspired by Fourteen Twentysix’s new album, Lighttown Closure – as well as material from earlier records. On the first album of the series, the songs of Fourteen Twentysix were remixed by electronic artist Jeroen Bax (EXM). He turned the dark, guitar oriented songs into dreamy and loungy soundscapes.

What happens now, can be determined by other fans of the band. From July 15th artists can download the stems from Lighttown Closure through this website. Using these, you can submit one or more remixes for the second APRX|ETA-release. The best submissions will be selected and published online with special prizes to be announced at the start of the contest.

Editor’s Note:
We are very excited to release this, the first installment of the APRX|ETA series.  Stay tuned on July 15th for details on this massive remix contest, including our wonderful prizes that can only be obtained this way.

Download the original album here.

Track List:
01.  Short Wave Assault
02.  Signals In The Sky (Grenadia Remix)
03.  Seven Suns
04.  Descending (The Empty Remix)
05.  Waves To Forget (Sinusoidal Projection Remix)
06.  You Sleep Under The Trees (Gate/Decay Generator Remix)
07.  After The Storm (CNO-cycle Remix)
08.  These Wrists (The Gargamelle Bubble Chamber Remix)

Release Date:
22 June 2010

Download Options:
FLAC (Direct)
FLAC (Torrent)
MP3 (Direct)
MP3 (Torrent)


2 thoughts on “mam114 – Fourteen Twentysix / exm – APRX|ETA 01

  1. absolutely killer album. ive listened to this about a dozen time now. You Sleep Under The Trees is so brilliant. I cant highly recommend these guys and this is a fantastic album

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