mam115 – Pokket – Two Clicks From Hades

mam115 - Pokket - Two Clicks From Hades

Pokket (formerly stop\eject) comes to mam!records with his long-awaited debut LP under a new name.  This album, following up 2008’s Falling Infinity, sees Pokket refine his laid-back style of electronic ambiance, incorporating more hip-hop influence than ever.


Editor’s Note:
Album art and wallpapers by John Praw Kruse, based on photos by Pokket.

Track List:
01.  Only Through Tragedies (Do We Care)
02.  Filoli
03.  Yeah, Whatever
04.  Schliftee
05.  If Suns Could Sing
06.  Discoveries
07.  Wolf Shadow
08.  The Speed Of Which Is Undetermined (Remixing John Praw)
09.  Vend
10.  When You Find Home
11.  Table Sixteen
12.  Leaves Like Childhood

Release Date:
29 June 2010

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