New Release: Mine All Mine Two Hundred!

After roughly five years and eighty-plus artists (almost all available for free today), Mine All Mine Records is exceedingly proud to set free our 200th release. This set of 28 tracks features many faces from our past as well as artists new to the label, and every track (at the time of release) is new and unreleased elsewhere. Enjoy nearly two hours of new music spanning the entirety of what Mine All Mine Records has to offer.

Sales and donations from this compilation all go toward updating the Mine All Mine Records website in order to offer sorting, recommendations and more. All free options remain available.



The Enright House Moves On, But Not Away

Our good friend Mark Roberts – long known as The Enright House – has decided to move on.  But fear not – it’s in a good way!  Mark has decided that after three years of work on a new album, he will not be releasing it under his Enright House moniker.  Though he has not announced a new name, we are behind Mark 100%.  Mark’s fans and friends have come to know him as a musical genius, and a change in name will likely do nothing to change that.

Read Mark’s full post here.

Listen to some of Mark’s work on Mine All Mine Records here and here.

bell monks Preview Track: woman in dress

Once again, it’s the middle of the month, and bell monks have another preview track for this month’s package.  Listen to it above (via their bandcamp), and check out their site here.  Check out last month’s package here.

NOTE: Preview tracks usually come out on the 15th of every month, but due to our charity compilation and show that night, we decided to delay the preview.

New Release Tomorrow, Plus News

Sorry for the delay, folks, but this week’s release is delayed until tomorrow.  It’s a good one, so I think you’ll be happy you waited patiently.  In the meantime, here’s some lovely news for you to digest.

Studio B Sessions For School Music
On Wednesday, June 15th, Mine All Mine Records and Studio B Music will be teaming up for a most excellent fundraiser.  Our good friends have recorded a fresh new compilation of tracks to be released on CD, and the show will recreate the album live.  All proceeds go to the MAMAs, an organization that raises money to put instruments in schools.  Check back soon for more information.

The Munitionettes Are (Sort Of) No More
Our very good friends The Munitionettes have made a tough decision.  As of now, their name is Awkward Terrible.  Fans seem to have mixed responses to the name change, but we support the band 100%.  Also, check back soon for more information on Awkward Terrible’s upcoming full-length album.  You can download the teaser EP here.

NSFW: See Alex’s Gunshot Wound

Earlier this week, Fambly Fun! released a song to benefit the recovery of their guitarist Alex Hero after he was senselessly shot.  Now, if you’re not squeamish, you can watch the video above to check out the actual wound.  It is not for the feint of heart.

You can still contribute and grab the track here.  Get well soon, big guy!

News: Last Day To Grab Electric Sea Spider’s First Two Releases

As mentioned last week at the time of Electric Sea Spider’s latest release, his first two releases will be retired very shortly.  At the artist’s request, they will be taken down.  We fully back the artist and his releases.

Since we still back these releases, we are giving you one more day to download them.

Releases mam051 and mam065 will no longer be available for download starting tomorrow (Wednesday, October 27th, 2010) at 4 PM (GMT -6).

mam051 – Electric Sea Spider – Fear God Fear Satan
mam065 – Electric Sea Spider – In Lucid Dreams

News: Announcing Mine All Mine Video

Things have been rough for the last few weeks (silly lightning!), but things are on their way up.  I promise!  Homeowners’ insurance was nice enough to pay for the damage, and everything busted will soon be replaced.  With that comes new free music, new physical releases and more content than ever.

Today specifically, I would like to introduce you all to the newest member of the mam!records family.  For the next few weeks, the wonderfully talented Raquel Salazar Foster will be producing exclusive video content for this very website.  Check back soon for some awesome new videos documenting a few of the artists we’re proud to work with.  Also check back next week for the return of free weekly music downloads.

Let us know in the comments what you’d like to see.

~John Praw Kruse

News: 31 July 2010

These pipes are clean!   Well, the nasty wisdom teeth are gone, at the very least.  The procedure took THREE MINUTES (after numbing, of course – I’m not THAT manly), and there has been almost no pain after.

To celebrate my luck and general good mood, we will have a special Lightning Round Week.  That’s right, next week, you will find a brand new free release EVERY WEEKDAY!

Here’s the lineup, with links to the artists:

MondayGiven Willingly – Water & Sleep Single
Tuesday Eurasia. – Rast
WednesdayWarm Waves – Lifted EP
ThursdayPokket – Lint EP
FridayFambly Fun! – As It Always Was

See you next week,
John Praw