New Release: Mine All Mine Two Hundred!

After roughly five years and eighty-plus artists (almost all available for free today), Mine All Mine Records is exceedingly proud to set free our 200th release. This set of 28 tracks features many faces from our past as well as artists new to the label, and every track (at the time of release) is new and unreleased elsewhere. Enjoy nearly two hours of new music spanning the entirety of what Mine All Mine Records has to offer.

Sales and donations from this compilation all go toward updating the Mine All Mine Records website in order to offer sorting, recommendations and more. All free options remain available.



Buzz: Fambly Fun!’s A.V. Session

We are extremely proud to share with you this live Fambly Fun! performance.  A while back, the band went into DNA Music Labs in Madison at the behest of The Onion A.V. Club, and this is the result – a ridiculous video of epic proportions and an equally ridiculous interview with the band afterward.

Check out the video here, and give our regards to The Onion A.V. Club.

Buzz: John Praw on “M Is For Music” & More.

It’s been just over a week since the release of John Praw’s self-titled full-length album, and some great things are rolling in.  Since music sites and blogs have been such a great help for Mine All Mine Records, we have decided to allow these sites to give away the John Praw album for FREE!  Dig around, send your blogger friends over, and you just might find this out there.

Some of the sites talking about this release:
M Is For Music
The Onion A.V. Club

Buzz: Lighttown Closure Reviewed. Again.

Several months ago, we released Fourteen Twentysix’s awesome new album, which you can get for free here. Even after half a year, the reviews continue to pour in as the band works on its next album as a full band.

Click here to read the most recent review, which comes from UKmusicreview – they gave the album a solid 7/10!