Mine All Mine Records is currently looking for submissions from new and old artists.  If you or someone you know is looking for a home on the net, please read below and contact us.  We are constantly looking for music that pushes expectations and trends, without trying to cash in on fads.

How to send your demo / album submission:

  • upload to sites like sendspace, bandcamp, etc
  • do not send mp3s in an email
  • make sure your artist name is on the files

Important info:

  • We are looking for full releases of any length.  We are looking for things we can add to our release queue right away.
  • We must be able to get your release in a lossless format.  We do not accept materials that are only available in mp3.
  • When in doubt, check some things in our catalog to see if you’d fit.

Where to contact us:

Feel free to contact us here, there, anywhere if you have any questions.


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