mam216 – Fourteen Twentysix / exm – cause:effect

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Just as with Fourteen Twentysix’s last album, exm is back with a full set of remixes, this time based on In Halflight Our Soul Glows.  The artist has carefully and generously remixed all 15 tracks from Fourteen Twentysix’s latest album.

Editor’s Note:
This album was created by refactoring the original, raw studio audio tracks of Fourteen Twentysix’ – “In Halflight Our Soul Glows”. No additional instruments were used. Check the links above to purchase cause:effect directly from the band.

Check out the original album, In Halfight Our Soul Glows, here.

Track List:
01. catalyst [Echo]
02. ring [Summer Now]
03. enfading [For A Second]
04. cordares’s [Sleepwalker]
05. pond [Noon]
06. my eyes [Hollow]
07. solved cycle [Decelerate]
08. aMkiack_one [Fall From Gravity]
09. silver amrath [Every Line]
10. pont [Rush_Run]
11. IOuch [Little Diamonds]
12. deep fish [Half Light]
13. pre-pro [The Crossing]
14. superstate [23|59]
15. pondt [Funeral Fire]

Release Date:
29 February 2012

Download Options:
Purchase (Bandcamp – $3 Minimum)


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