mam117 – evolv – Thoughtless Thoughts Remixed

mam117 - evolv - Thoughtless Thoughts Remixed

Over the course of fifteen tracks, twelve different artists take on the work of evolv, remixing tracks from the original Thoughtless Thoughts EP.  Both mam!records regulars and newcomers alike tear apart evolv’s tracks to make completely new compositions – spanning the genres of hip-hop, ambient, electronic, experimental, post-rock, dance and more.

Editor’s Note:
Make sure to check out the original EP here. Also make sure to check out all the great artists who contributed remixes to this release.

Track List:
01.  What Came Over? (Good Weather For an Airstrike Remix)
02.  Washedway/evolvaudioproductions Mashup (Given Willingly Remix)
03.  OddScience (Beatoven Remix)
04.  Joining Hands (Alnilam Remix)
05.  evolvaudioproductions (starsplanesandcircles Remix)
06.  Untitled (Given Willingly Remix)
07.  Lego Eye (Baked Clouds Remix)
08.  Kindly Exit (Nathan Watson Remix)
09.  Alone, Yet Oh So Safe (Gettysburg Does Remix)
10.  Joining Hands (phonetic|error Remix)
11.  OddScience (De-Paul Remix)
12.  What Came Over?/Washedway Mashup (The Echelon Effect Remix)
13.  The Boat Was Sinking (Pushmi-Pullyu Remix)
14.  Joining Hands (feat. Baked Clouds)
15.  What Came Over? (Dad School Remix)

Release Date:
30 June 2010

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