mam100 – Fourteen Twentysix – Lighttown Closure

Fourteen Twentysix returns to mam!records for our 100th release, and in a big way. After months of hard work in the studio, Lighttown Closure is complete. A calm start gives way to Fourteen Twentysix’s own brand of rock. Electronic elements mixed with live band post-rock ethics combine to create a epic, emotional pieces of art.

Editor’s Note:
We did it!  ONE HUNDRED releases by mam!records.  We’ve all worked so hard to get here, but no one harder than the wonderful artists who bring their amazing music to us and our friends for free.  We are very happy to have Fourteen Twentysix’s newest album as our one hundredth digital release.  I’ve been working closely with them getting ready for this release, and it wasn’t an easy decision for them to make.  Months of hard work, countless hours of preparation went into this album, not to mention a lot of the band’s personal funds.  And you can hear it in the album.  The band paid particularly close attention to detail in this work, and you can just tell that this album is the most complete out of anything they have released.

That is why we strongly recommend you buy a copy of this album from the band if you enjoy it.  It’s here for free, and we encourage you to spread it around to your friends.  But if you want to see another album of this caliber from the band, and you really enjoy it, consider sending a few bucks the band’s way, and getting a nice physical copy to have and to hold while you’re at it.  You can do that here, at Fourteen Twentysix’s official website.

We would also like to thank our friends over at Wise Owl Records.  This album is released in tandem with them as OWL-75.  They have lots of great stuff there.

Track List:
01.  AM
02.  After The Storm
03.  Closing Hours
04.  Gone Today
05.  Tonight I
06.  Signals In The Sky
07.  Descending
08.  White Paint
09.  Lashes

Released Date:
23 April 2010

Download Options:
MP3 (Direct)
MP3 (Torrent)


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