mam061 – stop\eject – falling infinity

Project: mam!restoration

Falling Infinity is a curious mix of wurlitzers and atmospheric sounds. stop\eject has created an electronic sort of ambience complete with beats that fall someplace in between post-rock, chill-out, hip-hop and IDM. It may read like a cluster fuck, but it sounds like a carefully programmed experience. This is a release that will definitely appeal to a wide range of listeners without leaving any feeling shorted.

Editor’s Note:
This release is now offered in lossless formats via Project: mam!restoration.

Album art by John Praw Kruse and stop\eject.

Track List:
01.  dreamer
02.  in the mind of a killer
03.  routine
04.  the day it fell
05.  sunshine cigarettes
06.  wander
07.  falling through life
08.  everlasting
09.  ozfiz

Released Date:
30 December 2008

Download Options:
MP3 (Direct)
MP3 (Torrent)


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