New Release: Mine All Mine Two Hundred!

After roughly five years and eighty-plus artists (almost all available for free today), Mine All Mine Records is exceedingly proud to set free our 200th release. This set of 28 tracks features many faces from our past as well as artists new to the label, and every track (at the time of release) is new and unreleased elsewhere. Enjoy nearly two hours of new music spanning the entirety of what Mine All Mine Records has to offer.

Sales and donations from this compilation all go toward updating the Mine All Mine Records website in order to offer sorting, recommendations and more. All free options remain available.



Buzz: Amy Hiller on Musicovered

I am always extremely excited to read press about any of our wonderful artists.  Today is no exception.  Head over to for an excellent write-up on Amy Hiller.  She’s been a long-time favorite of ours, and Musicovered seems to love her work just as much as we do.

Read the article here.

If you come across press – good or bad – about Mine All Mine Records artists, please send us a message.

Amy Hiller’s Open Call For Wintery Creatures

As always here at Mine All Mine Records, we thrive on community involvement.  We know that our artists are some of our most active listeners, and we also know that our listeners are some of the coolest people out there.  Hint.  Hint.

Now here’s the personal appeal, straight from the fingers of Amy Hiller:

I’ve got a new EP called ‘Icey’ coming out soon and for the artwork, I’d like to create a sort of collage of animals you might find in icey climates. Polar bears, penguins, those white foxes etc. They’re going to be cut out and stuck onto a background so i would literally just need the animal, in whatever pose you like.

If you think you could do this, i would be eternally grateful. You can spend as little or as long on it as you like.

Submit your wintery creature drawings in the comments below, or email them to  But hurry – time is running out!

Though we’re not 100% sure on the deadline, Mine All Mine Records is upping the ante.  Anyone who submits an original drawing that fits the criteria Amy asked for by Christmas evening will get a very special prize.