Contest: Free “Lighttown Closure” CDs

Our friends Fourteen Twentysix are running a promotion where you can win a physical copy of Lighttown Closure (which we also released on the site back in April).  All you have to do is “Like” the band on Facebook by clicking here.

Right now, the 260th, 280th and 300th people to “Like” the band page will win a free physical copy of the album, as well as an exclusive bonus track download.

It’s as easy as that!  Also, don’t forget that the deadline for remixing tracks off this very album is October 20th!  Enter the contest here. You can win even MORE prizes.


New Contest: Fourteen Twentysix Remix Contest

Not long ago, we released APRX|ETA 01, an album that consists of several remixes of Fourteen Twentysix’s latest album, Lighttown Closure – all by EXM. Now, it’s your chance! In our first ever remix contest, Fourteen Twentysix is making available the master stems for every track of their latest album for you to remix, mashup and tear apart in whatever ways you can! As an added bonus, Ableton Live users are provided with the original project files as well.

Download the remix kits below and have at it! Oh yeah, there are prizes. If you have any questions, or a download link dies, comment below. Submit your final remixes at the link below.

General rules…

Deadline: September 15th
Entries per contestant: Unlimited
File formats accepted: wav, flac, alac, aiff
Time limit: 9 minutes


Winning artists – chosen by mam!records and Fourteen Twentysix – will have their tracks included on the digital release of APRX|ETA 02, and will receive limited edition cassette copies of the APRX|ETA series that are only available through this contest.

Download the remix kits…

01. AM + After The Storm (280.05 MB – 120 BPM)
02. Closing Hours (195.87 MB – 168 BPM)
03. Gone Today (215.35 MB – 130 BPM) (CLOSED)
04. Tonight I (324.88 MB – 120 BPM)
05. Signals In The Sky (332.23 MB – 120 BPM)
06. Descending (246.31 MB – 100 BPM) (UPDATED)
07. White Paint (112.20 MB – 168 BPM) (UPDATED)
08. Lashes (390.47 MB – 100 BPM)

Submit your remixes…


New Release: 22 June 2010


This week’s new release is the first installment of Fourteen Twentysix’s APRX|ETA series.  This album features electronic artist EXM remixing material from Fourteen Twentysix’s most recent album, Lighttown Closure.

Check back on July 15th when mam!records begins hosting a remix contest to create APRX|ETA 02.  Artists will be able to download the entire set of master stems from Lighttown Closure and submit one or more remixes.  There will be exclusive prizes as well.