mam065 – Electric Sea Spider – In Lucid Dreams

Project: mam!restoration

In Lucid Dreams is the second release from Electric Sea Spider on mam!records. He brings a relaxed ambient sound with minimal beats.

Editor’s Note:
This release is now was offered in lossless formats via Project: mam!restoration.

Track List:
01.  Grizzly Bear
02.  The Puppeteer
03.  Your Hand Against Mine
04.  Sub Bass
05.  Avachel
06.  Underwater Subway Sequence
07.  Sandcastles
08.  Heartbeat
09.  Caffeine Addict
10.  Moths In The Sky
11.  Neon Forest
12.  Piano Piece For An Imaginary Film

Release Date:
22 January 2009

Download Options:
This release is no longer available, and has been retired.


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