News: Last Day To Grab Electric Sea Spider’s First Two Releases

As mentioned last week at the time of Electric Sea Spider’s latest release, his first two releases will be retired very shortly.  At the artist’s request, they will be taken down.  We fully back the artist and his releases.

Since we still back these releases, we are giving you one more day to download them.

Releases mam051 and mam065 will no longer be available for download starting tomorrow (Wednesday, October 27th, 2010) at 4 PM (GMT -6).

mam051 – Electric Sea Spider – Fear God Fear Satan
mam065 – Electric Sea Spider – In Lucid Dreams


New Release: Electric Sea Spider

This week’s release is the greatly anticipated return of Electric Sea Spider.  Mohican Beats is, as the artist describes it, “a beat tape of sorts,” comprised of found sounds and original samples with a much heavier emphasis on hip-hop than previous ESS releases.


P.S.  With this release comes a very important announcement.  One week from today, Electric Sea Spider’s first two releases will be retired.  Out of respect for our listeners, you have one more week to download Fear God Fear Satan and In Lucid Dreams.