mam134 – Electric Sea Spider – Mohican Beats

Mohican Beats is a long time coming, but it’s finally here.  Electric Sea Spider returns for the first time since 2009’s The Theif.  Mohican Beats is a beat tape made up of found sounds and samples – spastic, if sloppy, beats.  And though ESS is sounding more hip-hop than ever, his ambient roots are still present.

This release features guests Disturbed Individuals and Jamil Kelley, a remix by Gorque, and album art by Cassandra M. Wesley.

Editor’s Note:
With this new release comes an important announcement.  Beginning Tuesday, October 26th, Electric Sea Spider’s first two releases, Fear God Fear Satan and In Lucid Dreams will no longer be available for download.  After much consideration and with great respect to the artist, these two albums will be retired on that day.

As a courtesy to our listeners, you have one more week to download these releases.

Track List:
01.  Welcome Beats
02.  Tumbleweed
03.  Coke Bugs
04.  Handshake (Ft. Disturbed Individuals)
05.  Crayons
06.  Spook (Ft. Jamil Kelley)
07.  Fruit Lick
08.  Milk Bar
09.  Raw Facepaint
10.  Blackpanther
11.  Blackpanther (Gorque Remix)

Release Date:
19 October 2010

Download Options:
MP3 (Direct)
FLAC (Direct)


5 thoughts on “mam134 – Electric Sea Spider – Mohican Beats

  1. you guys at MAM! keep knocking it out of the park…

    gotta love “sloppy beats”! electric sea spider has a real laid-back style that’s perfect for pretty much any occasion. good stuff. thank you!

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