{{BREADKING}} Temple – The Conscience of The King

Temple - The Conscience of The King

I met the boys in Milwaukee’s Temple a number of years ago, back when they were playing under the name Arto.  Over the course of a summer, they became good friends of mine.  In the time since, we’ve released a number of their related projects (mam105, mam 174, mam181 and mam212 among others), and Myles even joined my band Pushmi-Pullyu for a while.

Today, after a LONG wait, Temple has finally released their first full-length album under this name.  It’s heavy, noisy post-hardcore that oozes with the emotion all four members throw into everything they make.  Check it out in digital form on their bandcamp page.  My favorite tunes are Football on Stage and Smooth Sculpture, and I can’t wait for the physical release that’s coming soon.


New Release: The final Castles EP.

After scrapping plans for albums and EPs on more than one occasion, Castles has finally returned to Mine All Mine Records. Instead of complex Nintendo-infused pop songs, Castles brings us “Cancer”, a collection of four lo-fi folk-rock songs in a simpler vein, reminiscent of the work we originally grew to love when his first album was released. This is the final Castles EP.

Editor’s Note:
It is a sad day to see Castles go, but weep not! We are proud to announce that Cassidy J. David-Weber, the man behind Castles, is well into work on a new album under the moniker Dead Dog, and he sounds better than ever. Next week, look for Dead Dog’s first single, “Florida Refuse.”


News: Announcing Mine All Mine Video

Things have been rough for the last few weeks (silly lightning!), but things are on their way up.  I promise!  Homeowners’ insurance was nice enough to pay for the damage, and everything busted will soon be replaced.  With that comes new free music, new physical releases and more content than ever.

Today specifically, I would like to introduce you all to the newest member of the mam!records family.  For the next few weeks, the wonderfully talented Raquel Salazar Foster will be producing exclusive video content for this very website.  Check back soon for some awesome new videos documenting a few of the artists we’re proud to work with.  Also check back next week for the return of free weekly music downloads.

Let us know in the comments what you’d like to see.

~John Praw Kruse

New Releases: 16 June 2010

Today, we are very proud to bring you Castles new full-length album, Howl IV.  After a year and a half, we finally have this wonderfully crafted album in our hands, and everything is bigger and better than ever.  Eleven solid tracks of experimental folk, ranging from minimalist to almost-black-metal-at-times, Howl IV gives you another long-awaited glimpse into the world of Castles.

Along with Howl IV (released in cooperation with the Bread King Collective) comes a very special three-track mam!records exclusive EP, Black Hole or No Black Hole.

Due to technical issues (John’s mom has crappy internet), these releases are currently only available in mp3, but they’ll be up in all other formats as soon as possible.

mam109 - Castles - Howl IV mam110 - Castles - Black Hole or No Black Hole

Howl IV: Comment & Download
Black Hole or No Black Hole: Comment & Download