New Release: C.D. Sandwich

This week, Mine All Mine Records is proud to present the debut release of Fambly Fun! side-project, C.D. Sandwich.  Gold Flamingo is a 20-minute tape full of crazy hip-hop and singable tunes.  Ahead of the release of Gold Flamingo on physical tape, we’ve decided to make it available for FREE download.  Check it out!


Go Download: Man Mantis – Sea Ambulance

Here at Mine All Mine Records, we aren’t just about promoting our own sounds.  We are intensely passionate about music made here in Wisconsin, so we thought we’d share this with you.  This morning, Man Mantis dropped his Sea Ambulance EP, and if you like anything awesome, you’ll at least check it out.

Listen to it at his bandcamp page here.

New Release: Electric Sea Spider

This week’s release is the greatly anticipated return of Electric Sea Spider.  Mohican Beats is, as the artist describes it, “a beat tape of sorts,” comprised of found sounds and original samples with a much heavier emphasis on hip-hop than previous ESS releases.


P.S.  With this release comes a very important announcement.  One week from today, Electric Sea Spider’s first two releases will be retired.  Out of respect for our listeners, you have one more week to download Fear God Fear Satan and In Lucid Dreams.

New Releases: 30 June 2010

Today, mam!records is happy to bring to you two great new releases from electronic artist evolv.  The first the originally self-released Thoughtless Thoughts EP, which features evolv’s minimalist ambient and electronic sounds tinged with post-rock style.  The second is the mam!records-exclusive remix album, Thoughtless Thoughts Remixed, which features fifteen tracks by various artists, tearing apart and re-arranging evolv’s original EP.

Click below to download and comment….

mam116 - evolv - Thoughtless Thoughts Remixed mam117 - evolv - Thoughtless Thoughts Remixed

New Release: 29 June 2010


Tonight’s new release is Pokket’s long-awaited debut album under this new moniker (formerly stop\eject).  It serves as the follow-up to 2008’s Falling Infinity, and features more of his style of laid-back, chilled-out ambient tracks – this time with more hip-hop influence than ever!

Make sure to check back soon for the series of exclusive wallpapers, as well as more download options.  Due to continued uploading issues, some formats have been delayed (and possibly some releases).