mam135 – Evenings – North Dorm EP

Call it glo-fi.  Call it chillwave.  Whatever you call Evenings’ debut, it’s wonderful.  North Dorm EP is an electronic work that flows with spirit, taking influence from the worlds of hip-hop, pop and more.  The result is a series of tracks that are equally ambient and engaging.

Editor’s Note:
Originally self-releases earlier this year, I became an instant fan of Evenings’ work.  This EP has found its way throughout the music blogging community, and rightfully so.  We are very proud to re-release this EP as part of our catalog.

If you’d like to send some money the artist’s way, head on over to his personal bandcamp page.  Though this release is available for free, we highly recommend throwing a few bucks toward Evenings if you enjoy this release.

Track List:
01.  Still Young
02.  Babe
03.  Favorite Maze
04.  Friend [Lover]
05.  Goodbye Forever

Release Date:
27 October 2010

Download Options:
MP3 (Direct)
FLAC (Direct)


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