mam177 – C.D. Sandwich – Gold Flamingo

C.D. Sandwich is a solo project spin-off of Madison supergroup Fambly Fun!.  Expect the same crazy experimental hip-hop you’ve come to love, but on his own, C.D. creates focused insanity.  Guests include Hyphon and Super Dad Fight.

Editor’s Note:
We are super excited to premier the first work by C.D. Sandwich.  Check back later, when we release Gold Flamingo on tape, way it was meant to be heard.

Track List:
01.  Crumpets
02.  Burn After Needing
03.  Seasick
04.  Everything Is Gold Here (Feat. Hyphon)
05.  So Many
06.  Clean My Room
07.  Ghostmonsters
08.  Spider (Feat. Super Dad Fight)
09.  Sink In With Speed

Release Date:
18 May 2011

Download Options:
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FLAC (Direct)
FLAC (Torrent)

Tape Mix (MP3)
Tape Mix (FLAC)


2 thoughts on “mam177 – C.D. Sandwich – Gold Flamingo

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