New Release: Sadsic – [b. forever]

Sadsic creates glitched-out collage-style electronic hip-hop, and we’re happy to see his return to Mine All Mine Records with his best outing yet. [b. forever] comes with six tracks of body-shaking tunes featuring a plethora of guest artists (including just about everyone Sadsic knows on the track “My Friends”). This EP serves as an excellent entry point into Sadsic’s back catalog of releases. Download for free below, or purchase on Bandcamp to throw some cash his way.



New Release: Óscar de la Fuente and Raechel Bosch

This week’s release is the absolutely stunning first outing by collaborative duo Óscar de la Fuente (of Fira Fem) and Raechel Bosch.  The worlds of Minnesota and Spain come together for something truly worthy of your time.


New Release: Electric Sea Spider

This week’s release is the greatly anticipated return of Electric Sea Spider.  Mohican Beats is, as the artist describes it, “a beat tape of sorts,” comprised of found sounds and original samples with a much heavier emphasis on hip-hop than previous ESS releases.


P.S.  With this release comes a very important announcement.  One week from today, Electric Sea Spider’s first two releases will be retired.  Out of respect for our listeners, you have one more week to download Fear God Fear Satan and In Lucid Dreams.

New Release: Fira Fem

This week’s new release is the long-awaited EP by Spanish artist Fira Fem, titled Mascot Humans Disco.  If you like any of the stuff you’ve heard on this label before, you’ve got to check this release out.  Wonderful tunes that sound like a completely new take on the sort of thing done by bands like The Books and Tortoise.