The following releases are either no longer supported by mam!records or out of print.  Retirement is not necessarily a permanent status, and many of these are still around somewhere if you look hard enough.

Release Information:
mam001 – Lithograph + [praw] – et al…
mam002 – !praw! – Visara the Dreadful: Live from the Depths…
mam003 – The Purple Paring Knife – Pinnsvinn
mam004 – [praw] – Bare skyer beveger stjernene…
mam005 – [praw] – The Last Man
mam006 – [praw] – Surfing
mam007 – [praw] – early…
mam008 – [praw] – the 1640s
mam009 – The Purple Paring Knife – Requiem for a Subwoofer
mam010 – The Purple Paring Knife – betty who’s-your-daddy
mam013 – [praw] – LOVE happened here (seventy/five/celebrations)
mam015 – The Purple Paring Knife – Snorkel, Reaper, Penis
mam023 – RedSK vs. [praw] – The 1640s Hundreds Of Year…
mam051 – Electric Sea Spider – Fear God Fear Satan
mam065 – Electric Sea Spider – In Lucid Dreams
mam075 – K. Wilhelm + Pushmi-Pullyu – Golden Days
mam091 – Pushmi-Pullyu – South Africa
mam118 – Sam Thomas – Continuous Soundtrack


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