mam005 – [praw] – The Last Man

Working with new equipment, [praw] takes a new approach to his experimental ambient sound. A combination of electronic, electro-acoustic and acoustic sounds work together to bring The Last Man, named after the song by Clint Mansell. The aforementioned piece is covered by [praw] in this release.

Several instrumental storylines are followed over a number of tracks.

Editor’s Notes:
Limited edition of 20 CD-r copies.

Track List:
01.  What You Are and Want to Be
02.  2: The Star
03.  1: The Star
04.  Live Excerpt: All It’s Gotten Us (Is Slivers and Hairline Fractures)
05.  Sad Circus, Martin: Dreams for the Zoltar Machine
06.  Sad Circus, Martin: Seeing the End of Lives (LIVE)
07.  The Constable’s Ghost (& Daddy’s Home)
08.  0: Sleeping Dogs
09.  5: The Star (a nebula, of all things)
10.  I Type Words To You
11.  Cuts: Velocity
12.  4: The Star (exploding)
13.  Untitled: Who Names A Rock?
14.  Sad Circus, Martin: Observe – An Organ 2
15.  3: The Star (snow falls and we laugh and jump and play like we are young)
16.  The Last Man (written by Clint Mansell, arranged by Johnathan M. Kruse)
17.  A Helpful Little Ditty

Released Date:
5 March 2008 (original physical release a bit earlier)

Download Options:
This release is no longer available, and has been retired.  It is also sold out.


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