mam007 – [praw] – early…

Half of a double release with The Purple Paring Knife. Think of it more as a set of two releases, rather than a split. Contains a collection of early works by [praw]. Released on mini-CDr in 50 copies.

Editor’s Notes:
The Purple Paring Knife half of this double release (two releases in one package with special extras added) was never released online by mam!records, but we’re including the track list below for those interested.  This release was mostly completed before [praw]’s first release (mam001) came out, and it was the first physical release to be labeled with the mine, all mine! records name.

Track List ([praw] – early…):
01.  The Keys Are Brightly Burning As My Fingers Slide Past
02.  The New Part One: Part I
03.  Effigy Mark I: Perception of an Effigy
04.  The New Part One: Part II (Tooh Babii Dearr) April REMIX
05.  The Sunshine or KRONOS Exception Report
06.  I’m Just A Little Black Rain Cloud Hovering Under The Honey Tree
07.  5pop Dragonbeast (Let’s Get Out of Here)
08.  I Don’t Fall Often, But When I Do…

Track List (The Purple Paring Knife – If I Go Away):
01.  If I Go Away

Released Date:
26 January 2008 (original physical release in 2007)

Download Options:
This release is no longer available, and has been retired.  It is also sold out.


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