mam075 – K. Wilhelm + Pushmi-Pullyu – Golden Days

Golden Days is a split cassette between Pushmi-Pullyu and K. Wilhelm. Released on gold recycled cassette tapes.

Editor’s Note:
Limited edition of 32 cassettes.

Side K:
01. K. Wilhelm – Try (Featuring Smoke/Mirrors)
02. K. Wilhelm – Cheater and the Wolf
03. K. Wilhelm – Like Your Last
04. K. Wilhelm – Sunset (It’s Night) (Alternate Version)
05. K. Wilhelm – Frankenstein (Featuring Pushmi-Pullyu)
06. K. Wilhelm – Fall From The Clouds

Side P:
01. Pushmi-Pullyu – Greetings
02. Pushmi-Pullyu – Welcome To ‘The Ridge’
03. Pushmi-Pullyu – Hamsun
04. Pushmi-Pullyu – Flying (Demo Version)
05. Pushmi-Pullyu – They’re Pretty Things, Though
06. Pushmi-Pullyu – Abigail’s Song
07. Pushmi-Pullyu – What’s Coming (CLUBmix)

Release Date:
2 September 2009

Download Options:
This release is not currently sold out.
Owners of the Golden Days cassette can click here and use their password.


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