mam001 – Lithograph + [praw] – et al

“et al…” is the split/collaboration between [praw] and Lithograph.  It features vastly different material than the ambient pieces [praw] would later be known for.  It was originally released in a limited edition, hand-made package, and later released online as the first mam!records release.  The release is long out of print and no longer available.  Trust me, you don’t really want it.

This release launched mam!records.

Track List:

01.  [praw] – For Olmec Shall Reveal the Way to the Shrine of the Silver Monkey, and I Shall Not Fear.
02.  Lithograph + [praw] – This is Sort of Like Our James Bond Jr.
03.  Lithograph – Cover your hands with your eyes

Released Date:
13 August 2007

Download Options:
This release is no longer available, and has been retired.


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