mam091 – Pushmi-Pullyu – South Africa

The first official full-length Pushmi-Pullyu solo album.

Track one inspired by the poem of the same name by ee cummings. Track three inspired by events in the film Visioneers. Tracks four and six lovingly borrowed from their respective poets and musicians. Track eleven borrowed from the winds of time and the pain that gave it birth.

For this recording, Pushmi-Pullyu is John Praw Kruse; with trombones on two & twelve and keys on thirteen by Corey Murphy; and with acoustic guitar on fourteen by Myles Coyne. Recorded in Madison at The Mill House & WSUM; and in Milwaukee at K. Wilhelm’s.

Editor’s Note:
Limited edition of 50 CD-rs.
Limited edition of 12 CD-rs.

Track List:
01.  A Pretty A Day
02.  South Africa
03.  Life Over Fiction
04.  Bridges and Balloons (Joanna Newsom Cover)
05.  Fix It
06.  Kids (MGMT Cover)
07.  Greetings
08.  Smaller
09.  For
10.  Welcome To The Ridge
11.  Wayfarin’ Stranger
12.  South Africa (Reprise)
13.  Morning Undone
14.  South Africa (Acoustic Bonus Track)

Release Date:
1 August 2009

Download Options:
This release is not currently sold out.


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