mam008 – [praw] – the 1640s

The first full-length by [praw].  Ambient with splashes of experimental.  This release shows a definite step toward the current, more settled ambient sound, but is still rather experimental at times. It’s more of a transitional step between a time where anything went and the current. Shows a movement toward more solid techniques and an ever-changing project.

Editor’s Notes:
Limited edition of 20 CD-r copies.

Track Listing:
01.  no COPYCATS (Verse 2)
02.  Palimpsest (Two Monsters Overlapping)
03.  Circumambulate (Around The Monster)
04.  A Pleasant Monster Dream (featuring the talents of Benjamin Knollenberg)
05.  In The Monster’s Lair
06.  Monsters Love Their Parents, Too
07.  Angel Flying Through The Rain
08.  The Monster’s Zoo
09.  Work It Like It’s The 1640s!
10.  \\Come On Monster Juice//
11.  Shibboleth (The Secret Monster Word)
12.  NO copycats (First Verse)
13.  Your Niece Is Not A Monster (revisited)
14.  Saved From Killin’ Cowboy Monsters

Released Date:
26 January 2008

Download Options:
This release is no longer available, and has been retired.  It is also sold out.


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