mam023 – RedSK vs. [praw] – The 1640s Hundreds Of Year Into A Future Of Nuclear Anarchy

Live improvised remixes of tracks from [praw]’s album The 1640s (mine, all mine! records / Dadaist Audio). Mixed by RedSK: Thursday, March 27th 2008

Imagine if you will that humanity has become an advanced civilization, only to have it all crash. The future was golden, but what goes up must come down. The advances of humanity are now nothing more than a regression to the technology of the 1640s.

Prolific noise artist RedSK takes on the work of ambient/experimental artist [praw]. Remixing samples from [praw]’s 1640s, RedSK makes something familiar yet very different. He has taken a work and used it as the canvas for his own interpretations of the acoustic qualities therein.

RedSK has taken quite a big step with this release, showing not only creative use of samples, but also that he’s not just a pile of noisy sounds, but rather a flexible audio artist with plenty more to come.

Track List:
01.  Entering The Monster’s Lair
02.  Can’t Find A Signal
03.  The Only Remaining Scattered Pieces Of COPYCATS
04.  Monster’s Zoo Of Radioactive People Cowboys (Part 1)
05.  Monster’s Zoo Of Radioactive People Cowboys (Part 2)

Released Date:
9 April 2008

Download Options:
This release is no longer available, and has been retired.


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