mam002 – !praw! – Visara the Dreadful: Live from the Depths of the elephant Mancave

A live recording from one long drunken night in the elephant Mancave in Green Bay, Wisconsin, featuring a keyboard, loop station, and old PA for low fidelity. This was the first (and last) release by John Praw using the moniker !praw!, a spin on [praw] that takes a turn for the rougher; noisier.

Editor’s Notes:
Fourteen copies in recycled children’s book pages. Each copy features a unique cover and a picture of John Praw as a toddler.

Track List:

01.  Discovery|Battles
02.  This Slow Drag
03.  It Gets To Be Too Much
04.  I’ll Name This Song CHEDDAR FRIES
05.  Intermission|Madness
06.  The Nu Mou
07.  St-stuttered, Interupted
08.  Only This Song Is Improvised,
09.  Which Means That This One Totally Isn’t Improvised.
10.  The Audience Performs
11.  The Audience Fucks Up
12.  The Audience Is Forgiven
13.  The Audience Sits & Stirs
14.  The Audience Loses Pulse
15.  The Audience Is Fucking Dead
16.  Now Yuh Dun Pissed Ever-body Off (or: “Pretend This Track Is Hidden”)

Released Date:
26 January 2008 (original physical release in 2007)

Download Options:
This release is no longer available, and has been retired.


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