mam004 – [praw] – Bare skyer beveger stjernene…

“Bare skyer beveger stjernene…” is an album of ambient piano pieces, written and recorded at Elizabeth Waters Hall in Madison, Wisconsin.  Thirty copies on CD-r were sold, and it was later re-released by deep white sound.  New edits and bonus tracks were released as “The Flower Disc” (mam040).  This is named after the Norwegian film of the same name.

Editor’s Note:
Later released on Deep White Sound, and then again here as The Flower Disc.

Track List:
01.  so large and so quiet
02.  because i am different to you than to her or him or my parents
03.  traces part one (remix of a Lithograph piece)
04.  shells algae and stone
05.  this is a dance (this is an art)

Released Date:
10 September 2008

Download Options:
This release is currently sold out.


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