mam156 – Amy Hiller – Icey

After the success of Amy Hiller’s breakthrough collage-based release, “The Made Up EP,” Amy makes a triumphant return with “Icey.”  This EP brings together more of the collaged sounds – both organic and synthetic – beautifully crafted lyrics, whirling strings and woodwinds.  But don’t expect more of exactly the same.  This time, the song writing shows even more craftsmanship and pop-sensibility.

Editor’s Note:
We are all super excited to hear Amy’s new EP, and we hope you love it just as much as we do.  Make sure to download the art below as well.

Track List:
01.  Icey
02.  Shhh
03.  Tunnock’s
04.  Catfight

Release Date:
25 January 2011

Download Options:
MP3 (Direct)
MP3 (Torrent)
FLAC (Direct)
FLAC (Torrent)

Front Cover
Reverse Cover


8 thoughts on “mam156 – Amy Hiller – Icey

  1. Perfectly realised Amy, well done champ! Its so good, absolutely in love with Icey and Catfight. Having a tentative affair with Tunnock’s and been on a few dates with Shhh, shhhe seems really nice. This is a beautiful EP x

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