New Release: We Used to be Unicorns – Beachcomber

Recorded and mixed one summer ago, “Beachcomber” is the debut release by We Used to be Unicorns, a Madison duo comprised of Greg Calhoun and Nate Gessner. This EP is filled with lo-fi rock tunes with a dash of dreams perfect for these sweltering summer days.


bell monks – July Preview Track

As many of you may know, Madison band bell monks are half-way through a year-long project to bring you a new free package of music, images and video every single month.  Mid-way through each month, bell monks present a teaser of the month’s package.  Listen to it above, check out, and listen to the most recent package here.

New Release: Animals In Human Attire Sampler

This week, Mine All Mine Records brings you (in collaboration with the Bread King Collective) a three-track sampler for Animals In Human Attire’s upcoming full-length album.  Animals In Human Attire are an ungodly band bringing you folk-infused indie rock straight out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Definitely check this out.


New Video: K. Wilhelm – It Haunts Me Part I


Mine All Mine Records is proud to present Madison-based indie artist K. Wilhelm’s new music video, created by Anna Weisling.  K. Wilhelm is Corey Murphy (Fambly Fun!, Pushmi-Pullyu), and Mine All Mine Records will be re-releasing his half of the Floorboards split later this year, along with bonus material.

Download the original Floorboards here.

New Release: Chief Warrant Officer – Digi-Cassettes #1 & #2

After Chief Warrant Officer’s incredible debut album Hotspur, the Sturgeon Bay DIY recordist returns with the first two releases in a series of digital cassette singles.  The first features more of the indie rock sentiment found in Hostpur, while the second brings elements of electronic hip-hop into the mix.  Make sure to grab them both below!


New Release: Chief Warrant Officer

This week, Mine All Mine Records is proud to bring you the debut full-length album “Hotspur” by Sturgeon Bay’s very own Chief Warrant Officer.  Jacob Tibbs, who single-handedly mans the project, creates incredibly full and well-crafted songs that fall somehow in the realms of folk, indie rock and pop all at once.

Please take a moment to welcome Chief Warrant Officer to the Mine All Mine Records family.