mam099 – K. Wilhelm + el​-​tin fun – Floorboards

mam099 - K. Wilhelm + el-tin fun - Floorboards

K. Wilhelm (a mam!records veteran) and our good friend el-tin fun have come together to bring you their new split album, Floorboards. K. Wilhelm’s side of the split consists of his five movement  composition, It Haunts Me – a story of murder. el-tin fun’s half consists of four new tracks featuring more keys than ever before.

K. Wilhelm and el-tin fun both hail from Madison, Wisconsin.

Editor’s Note:
K. Wilhelm is Corey Murphy (also of Pushmi-Pullyu), featuring John Praw on tracks 1 and 2.  el-tin fun is Jason E. Lambeth, featuring Bobby Lee and Tom Teslik.  Both Corey and Jason are good friends of mam!records.  We are always happy to bring you more K. Wilhelm, and we’re very happy to see el-tin fun finally join the mam!records family.

Track List:
01.  K. Wilhelm – It Haunts Me: Part One (These Things Are Getting Thick)
02.  K. Wilhelm – It Haunts Me: Part Two (Health)
03.  K. Wilhelm – It Haunts Me: Part Three (It Was You)
04.  K. Wilhelm – It Haunts Me: Part Four (It Haunts Me)
05.  K. Wilhelm – It Haunts Me: Part Five (This Is How It Ends)

06.  el-tin fun – alligator toes
07.  el-tin fun – polka dots on the horizon
08.  el-tin fun – raindrop envelope
09.  el-tin fun – distortion

Released Date:
26 March 2010

Download Options:
MP3 (Direct)
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