mam185 – Your Loyal Astronaut – Planet Earth EP

Your Loyal Astronaut is the solo project of Justin Christopher Zander of Madison, Wisconsin.  This 10-track EP covers a lot of ground, from heavy rocks to smoother grooves.

Editor’s Note:
This EP features Brandon Anthony on percussion (tracks 8-10), as well as Myles Coyne (tracks 1-2), Nate Toth (track 8) and Dave Webber (track 2) on vocals.

Visit Your Loyal Astronaut’s bandcamp page to throw him a few bucks.

Track List:
01.  Old Playgrounds
02.  Planet Earth
03.  Core Hatred
04.  My Heart Will Lead Me Around This World
05.  abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxy&z
06.  Letter To My Dad
07.  Starlight
08.  First Encounter
09.  Mini Phantom pt. 1
10.  Mini Phantom pt. 2 (Recognize My Crypt For Thrones)

Release Date:
12 July 2011

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