mam159 – Chief Warrant Officer – Hotspur

Hailing from Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, Chief Warrant Officer is a one-man band with unbelievable range.  Midwestern pop fuses with snowy folk and indie rock sentiment, all the while staying 100% on track.  You do not want to miss this one.

Editor’s Note:
We are unbelievably happy to have Chief Warrant Officer join our family.  More great music is in the works, and we’ll be bringing it to you quite soon.  We first met Jacob Tibbs (he is Chief Warrant Officer) a few years ago as part of the band Pfeifer Sam at the Steel Bridge Songfest, and we can promise you – this man makes good stuff.

Visit Chief Warrant Officer’s Bandcamp page if you’d like to throw a few dollars his way.

Track List:
01.  Temporary Star
02.  Snakeskin
03.  Hotspur
04.  Lightning’s Name
05.  Vassily
06.  …
07.  Masticated & Emasculated
08.  Magnet Magnet
09.  Nightmare Song
10.  Dangerously Close To Madness

Release Date:
8 February 2011

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One thought on “mam159 – Chief Warrant Officer – Hotspur

  1. Wow this is amazing, I really like that new indie rock stuff (This and Is World) you’re putting out. I love the electronic stuff as well but this just a great addition. I should probably stop with the band comparisons but this really sounds like Pinback which is fine with me.

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