NEW RELEASE: Pushmi-Pullyu – Never Love A Stranger

Pushmi-Pullyu - Never Love A Stranger

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CD – $10
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Digital (Bandcamp) – $8
Murfie – $8

Recorded, mixed and mastered at House Arrest Recording Co. in Madison, WI by Brian Nolan (American Hi-Fi). Album art by John Praw.

All songs arranged by Pushmi-Pullyu. Lyrics on Bleak Midwinter by Christina Rosesetti, sometime before 1872. Lyrics on Past by John Galsworthy, sometime before 1933. Howl III written by Cassidy J. David-Weber, sometime before 2010. All other lyrics by John Praw.

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UPDATE: Lovely Socialite Returns, and More!

Lovely Socialite July 2013 Shows

Poster by Joe Ludwig.

After nearly a year of inactivity, one of my all-time favorite Madison bands is back in action!  Lovely Socialite Mrs. Thomas W. Phipps is the only band in the area that tackles jazz-rock the way they do.  After parting ways for a while due to school and work, Lovely Socialite has announced that they are convening once again to record new material and play a handful of one-off shows.

Last year’s successful Kickstarter helped the band release Registers Her Delight, Lovely Socialite’s first full-length album.  But anyone who saw the band in the time between that album’s release and their hiatus will know that there were plenty of tunes left undocumented.

I’m always down for forward-thinking music, and I’m happy to say Lovely Socialite will be doing exactly that with their new, as-of-yet-untitled EP.  In addition to this EP, Lovely Socialite will be recording a new (also as-of-yet-untitled) split cassette with the similarly-awesome Cincinnati band Us, Today.

Catch Lovely Socialite in their special return shows July 4th at the Frequency in Madison, and July 5th at the Yield Bar in Milwaukee, and stay tuned for more information on the band’s upcoming releases.

In the mean time, you can snag a copy of Registers Her Delight in our shop or the band’s shop on  You can also get a copy of Lovely Socialite’s Debutante EP here.

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New Distro Items – Cribshitter & National Beekeepers Society

Methlehem (2012, Medicated G Records) $10

“Methlehem” is the newest full-length album from Madison-based bizarro-rock band, Cribshitter. As always, the band walks the line between comedy and respect. It’s brilliantly confusing.

Cry a Little Rainbow (2008, Medicated G Records) $10

“…30 tracks of hilarious musical debauchery and mayhem.” ~ Maximum Ink. Cribshitter’s 2008 debut, “Cry a Little Rainbow” puts you in a weird place. Pop, rock, electronic – it’s all made fun of in the most serious way.

National Beekeepers Society
Pawn Shop Etiquette (2008, Self-Released) $10

“Pawn Shop Etiquette” is the 2nd full-length album from National Beekeepers Society, out of Madison, WI. Released in 2008, this album serves as additional reading for fans of Icarus Himself, which is where you’ll find Nick Whetro and Karl Christenson these days.