New Distro Items – Cribshitter & National Beekeepers Society

Methlehem (2012, Medicated G Records) $10

“Methlehem” is the newest full-length album from Madison-based bizarro-rock band, Cribshitter. As always, the band walks the line between comedy and respect. It’s brilliantly confusing.

Cry a Little Rainbow (2008, Medicated G Records) $10

“…30 tracks of hilarious musical debauchery and mayhem.” ~ Maximum Ink. Cribshitter’s 2008 debut, “Cry a Little Rainbow” puts you in a weird place. Pop, rock, electronic – it’s all made fun of in the most serious way.

National Beekeepers Society
Pawn Shop Etiquette (2008, Self-Released) $10

“Pawn Shop Etiquette” is the 2nd full-length album from National Beekeepers Society, out of Madison, WI. Released in 2008, this album serves as additional reading for fans of Icarus Himself, which is where you’ll find Nick Whetro and Karl Christenson these days.