mam235 – Pushmi-Pullyu – Never Love A Stranger

Pushmi-Pullyu - Never Love A Stranger

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Editor’s Note:
Recorded, mixed and mastered at House Arrest Recording Co. in Madison, WI by Brian Nolan (American Hi-Fi). Album art by John Praw.

All songs arranged by Pushmi-Pullyu. Lyrics on Bleak Midwinter by Christina Rosesetti, sometime before 1872. Lyrics on Past by John Galsworthy, sometime before 1933. Howl III written by Cassidy J. David-Weber, sometime before 2010. All other lyrics by John Praw.

John Praw – Organ, Glock, Trumpet, Vocals
Corey Murphy – Keys, Trombone
Luke Annear – Drums, Chicken
Tom Teslik – Guitar, Delay
Sam Ludwig – Saxophone, Dancing

Track List:
01.  I’m In Love Again
02.  Fried Chicken
03.  Where We First Sat
04.  Morning Undone
05.  Bleak Midwinter
06.  Lost Ponds
07.  South Africa
08.  You Are Dead
09.  All I Wanted
10.  Happy Birthday
11.  Past
12.  Howl III

Release Date:
2 July 2013

Download Options:
Bandcamp ($8 Minimum)


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