Lost City Music Festival Interview: Cribshitter

To celebrate the coming of the first ever Lost City Music Festival, we decided it might be nice to sit down with some of the performers playing at the festival.  Today, we got the chance to speak with Diaper Daniels of Madison band Cribshitter.  Catch Cribshitter Friday, July 6th @ the High Noon Saloon.

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Buzz: Cribshitter featured on Jalopnik. People don’t get it…

Click here to check out what Jalopnik has to say about Cribshitter’s new video for Mint Car.

While it’s an honor to see it there, and the video is getting thousands of views, the comment sections of Jalopnik and YouTube are where the real fun begins.  People don’t really seem to get what Cribshitter is about.  It’s not surprising, but it’s still interesting.

New Release: Cribshitter – Mint Car

BUY THIS: Limited Edition Tape – $7
BUY THIS: Digital – $6 Minimum
BUY THIS: Digital (w/ Bonus Tracks) – $6 Minimum

Madison’s only absurdist rock super-group Cribshitter (self-proclaimed as “one of America’s most talented and versatile musician/entertainers”) dig out their own niche with equal doses of musical proficiency, bizarre concepts and potty humor.  The band is consistently genre-defying, and their dedication to the goof is unwavering.  “Mint Car” features mostly-new material (plus a few #1 hits) designed specifically for your station wagon, Sony Walkman™ and/or Tiger Delux Talkboy™.  Expect country, dubstep, make-out tunes and more.


New Distro Items – Cribshitter & National Beekeepers Society

Methlehem (2012, Medicated G Records) $10

“Methlehem” is the newest full-length album from Madison-based bizarro-rock band, Cribshitter. As always, the band walks the line between comedy and respect. It’s brilliantly confusing.

Cry a Little Rainbow (2008, Medicated G Records) $10

“…30 tracks of hilarious musical debauchery and mayhem.” ~ Maximum Ink. Cribshitter’s 2008 debut, “Cry a Little Rainbow” puts you in a weird place. Pop, rock, electronic – it’s all made fun of in the most serious way.

National Beekeepers Society
Pawn Shop Etiquette (2008, Self-Released) $10

“Pawn Shop Etiquette” is the 2nd full-length album from National Beekeepers Society, out of Madison, WI. Released in 2008, this album serves as additional reading for fans of Icarus Himself, which is where you’ll find Nick Whetro and Karl Christenson these days.

The Dragonfly Lounge (So Far)

Photo by Roy Dean Miller.

Photo by Roy Dean Miller.

As you may know, we’ve recently begun working closely with Madison’s newest venue, the Dragonfly Lounge.  Located below the beautiful Bellini Italian Restaurant (401 E. Washington), Dragonfly has been a small space for private events since Bellini was converted from a church (built in 1897) into one of Madison’s finest Italian restaurants.  Now, the space serves as an intimate venue, and Mine All Mine has partnered with Dragonfly to fill the space.  So far, our winter series has shown that Madison is more than ready to support a new venue with friendly faces.

Read on below for videos and photos from our launch party (Pioneer, Pushmi-Pullyu, Ugly Brothers and Lovely Socialite), as well as live audio featured on WORT 89.9FM (Cap Alan, Golden Donna and Lovely Socialite).  At the end, grab some info on booking with Mine All Mine at the Dragonfly Lounge, as well as our upcoming shows (see the sidebar to the right). Continue reading