mam146 – Óscar de la Fuente and Raechel Bosch – Paper Moons

Paper Moons marks the first collaboration between Spain’s Óscar de la Fuente and Minnesota-native Raechel Bosch.  You may know Óscar from his work in the band Fira Fem – we released their EP, Mascot Humans Disco earlier this year.  These two are quite a pair.  Óscar’s collage-sounding editing prowess combines effortlessly with Raechel’s enticing vocals.  The result is a combination of pop and something entirely new.

Editor’s Note:
We are so excited to bring you this release.  When I was first given this EP to listen to, I immediately knew it belonged here.  This is definitely recommended if you follow artists like Amy Hiller, Beatoven and Fira Fem.


Track List:
01.  Paper Moons
02.  Sweet Howls
03.  Cheerfull
04.  Telegrams
05.  Dear Bogotá Remix

Release Date:
14 December 2010

Download Options:
MP3 (Direct)
FLAC (Direct)


10 thoughts on “mam146 – Óscar de la Fuente and Raechel Bosch – Paper Moons

  1. This is just awesome stuff. You don’t get this sweet, warmy sound very often nowadays..this should even be in a major label!! Not folk, not indietronica, not drone, but sweet pop tunes with beatiful arrangements and a great sense of space.
    Great work to everyone involved, especially to Oscar who did an amazing job with the recording and production!! Cheer up mate, this is just going the right way!! Congratulations!! :)

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