New Releases by eskimeaux, and News!

Today, we are proud to present a re-release of not one but TWO classic albums by eskimeaux.  These two additions to the Mine All Mine Records catalog bring our collection of eskimeaux’s body of work one step closer to completion.

And with these releases, we are proud to bring NEWS.  Fans of eskimeaux will notice that we are still missing two releases.  We are happy to announce that we will soon be bringing you Ixsixán on hand-made cassette tape, followed by Two Mountains on limited edition CD.  Stay tuned for more news.

DOWNLOAD “iglu songs” HERE


New Releases: 16 June 2010

Today, we are very proud to bring you Castles new full-length album, Howl IV.  After a year and a half, we finally have this wonderfully crafted album in our hands, and everything is bigger and better than ever.  Eleven solid tracks of experimental folk, ranging from minimalist to almost-black-metal-at-times, Howl IV gives you another long-awaited glimpse into the world of Castles.

Along with Howl IV (released in cooperation with the Bread King Collective) comes a very special three-track mam!records exclusive EP, Black Hole or No Black Hole.

Due to technical issues (John’s mom has crappy internet), these releases are currently only available in mp3, but they’ll be up in all other formats as soon as possible.

mam109 - Castles - Howl IV mam110 - Castles - Black Hole or No Black Hole

Howl IV: Comment & Download
Black Hole or No Black Hole: Comment & Download

New Release – 25 May 2010

Today’s new release is an experimental ep comprised of a single flowing twelve-minute track by The Cryogenic Strawberries.  It is certainly hard to pin down, but the track moves from ambient to folk/freak-folk, from psychedelic to downright creepy – it’s all here. In recent weeks, we’ve given you a lot of more accessible sounds here, so it’s a bit of a relief to show the more experimental side of mam!records.  We hope to continue bringing you unique sounds and new projects.