mam212 – Myles Coyne – I Love You Mom

Myles Coyne has been a friend of the label for a long time.  For a while in 2009, he was a member of Pushmi-Pullyu, helping shape the future of the band.  He’s also a member of several Milwaukee-based bands, including Animals in Human Attire (whose sampler we released), Temple, Myles Coyne & the Rusty Nickel Band and DW & Co. (who put a track on our 200th release).  After we met, he went on to create the Bread King collective, a small group of Milwaukee bands doing DIY releases. 

“I Love You Mom” is a lo-fi acoustic folk EP recorded live in Myles’ bedroom as a gift for his mom.  Today, the day after Valentine’s Day, we offer this EP to you (minus one track too special for release).

Notes from Myles:
Thank you are in order to Nathan Toth: for lending me the recording device & Mark Roberts for the cover photo. I would also like to thank John Praw Kruse, Mine All Mine Records, Cindy Coyne, & Peter Thomas.

Track List:
01. Midwestern Homesick Blues
02. My Grandmother’s House
03. Take Things As They Come
04. The Rusty Nickel Band
05. I’m Not Gonna Let Go Of You (This Time)
06. Another Side Of Myles
07. Chapter Three

Release Date:
15 February 2012

Download Options:
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3 thoughts on “mam212 – Myles Coyne – I Love You Mom

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