{{BREADKING}} Temple – The Conscience of The King

Temple - The Conscience of The King

I met the boys in Milwaukee’s Temple a number of years ago, back when they were playing under the name Arto.  Over the course of a summer, they became good friends of mine.  In the time since, we’ve released a number of their related projects (mam105, mam 174, mam181 and mam212 among others), and Myles even joined my band Pushmi-Pullyu for a while.

Today, after a LONG wait, Temple has finally released their first full-length album under this name.  It’s heavy, noisy post-hardcore that oozes with the emotion all four members throw into everything they make.  Check it out in digital form on their bandcamp page.  My favorite tunes are Football on Stage and Smooth Sculpture, and I can’t wait for the physical release that’s coming soon.


PREVIEW: Lost City Winter Series #6

2-16-2013 - Pushmi-Pullyu, All Good Things, killer BOB, Absolutely

Tonight (Saturday, February 16th) is the second of two entries this weekend in our Lost City Winter Series at the Dragonfly Lounge.  And it’s a packed one at that!  Two excellent traveling bands will tear it up, including Milwaukee’s Absolutely and and Brooklyn-based killer BOB.  Representing Madison is All Good Things and Pushmi-Pullyu.  Read on below for a preview of the things to come!

$5 Cover, 21+, Music at 10:00PM.
The Dragonfly Lounge
401 E. Washington

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New Release: Fourteen Twentysix – Little Diamonds Single

Little Diamonds is a pop song at heart with an uplifting message. This makes it a surprisingly inviting first step into the realm of Fourteen Twentysix. The single includes an official stop motion music video by UK director Ruth Barrett, underscoring the song’s hopeful overtones.


New Release: goldyne’s Epic Return

This week, Mine All Mine Records is very proud to present the triumphant return of goldyne.  This release came to us completely out of the blue, but we think the wait was well worth it.  In his self-titled full-length album, goldyne takes us from electronic noise-rock to experimental beatscapes (is that a word?  it is now!).  Definitely check this one out.