mam105 – Jamie Yanda – What Is Worship

mam105 - Jamie Yanda - What Is Worship

Jamie Yanda’s “What Is Worship” is the latest addition to our on-going Singles Club.  This single (we gave the release a new name because the track title is a bit long) comes from Jamie’s new debut solo EP, Surrogate Lover.  After years of writing and performing both solo and with bands (our good friends, Arto), Jamie has finally decided to lay out some solo tracks.

Jamie Yanda has a unique and powerfully emotive style of songwriting.  Whether he’s playing folk-rock or minimalist folk, he’ll really pull you in, and he’s got an amazing vocal range to pull it off with.

This release features two exclusive B-sides: Bible Retreat and an alternate take of the title track.

Editor’s Note:
Jamie is a very good friend, and I really hope you all enjoy this release.  I’ve loved his song-writing and singing style from the first day I saw him play as part of the band Arto.  If you enjoy this, send him a message over at Arto’s myspace page, and I’m sure you could buy his EP from them.

Interesting tidbit: Jamie recorded his entire Surrogate Lover EP in a studio, but then decided to go back and remaster the 8-track bedroom demos instead.  What you get now are these amazingly raw tracks.  I hope you enjoy the single.

Album art by John Praw Kruse (that’s me).

Track List:
01.  I Know What a Friend Zone Is, I’m Fucking Standing In One
02.  Bible Retreat
03.  I Know What a Friend Zone Is, I’m Fucking Standing In One (Alternate Take)

Release Date:
18 May 2010

Download Options:
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