New Release: Chief Warrant Officer – Digi-Cassettes #1 & #2

After Chief Warrant Officer’s incredible debut album Hotspur, the Sturgeon Bay DIY recordist returns with the first two releases in a series of digital cassette singles.  The first features more of the indie rock sentiment found in Hostpur, while the second brings elements of electronic hip-hop into the mix.  Make sure to grab them both below!



Videos You May Have Missed

Did you know that Mine All Mine Records has a YouTube channel?  Indeed, we do!  You can find our videos here.  While you’re there, maybe you could favorite and thumbs-up some videos?

Here are some videos you may have missed:

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P.S. We are NOT

Merry Christmas From Mine All Mine!

Merry Christmas from Mine All Mine Records!  This year, we wanted to give you something super special, so we bring you our first ever Single For Christmas series.  Check back every day from now until Christmas Day for a new double a-side split single from some Mine All Mine Records favorites as well as some very special newcomers.  This post will be updated with new links each day.

Monday: Eskimeaux + Pushmi-Pullyu
Tuesday: The Weather Duo + Bell Monks
Wednesday: Goldyne + The Mr. Kingdom Show
Thursday: SPIDER▲WEBS + Fambly Fun!
Friday: Is World + K. Wilhelm

New Release: Óscar de la Fuente and Raechel Bosch

This week’s release is the absolutely stunning first outing by collaborative duo Óscar de la Fuente (of Fira Fem) and Raechel Bosch.  The worlds of Minnesota and Spain come together for something truly worthy of your time.


News: Mine All Mine Artists Live On WYOU

Each year, WYOU holds a very special holiday-time fundraiser.  This year, Mine All Mine Records is lucky to be a part of it.  Two of our artists will be playing sets live in the WYOU studios.

You can tune in to WYOU’s Ustream channel to watch the LIVE filming of Pushmi-Pullyu and Fambly Fun!’s segments, which will later be aired on the network throughout the week.  We’ll post links to the archived live sets here when they become available.

Pushmi-Pullyu :: Tuesday, December 7th – 4:45 PM to 5:10 PM
Fambly Fun! :: Sunday, December 12th – 4:45 PM to 5:10 PM

WYOU has been gracious enough to provide some of our artists with this great opportunity.  To learn more about WYOU (and learn about how you can help), check out their website here.

UPDATE: Fixed the streaming link to WYOU’s Ustream channel.

Buzz: Mine All Mine Records Sits Down With Madison’s Isthmus

Last week, Corey and I had the pleasure of sitting down with freelance writer Jessica Steinhoff.  The result is this wonderful write-up in Madison’s own Isthmus.  Copies of the (free) paper hit newsstands on Thursday, and you can now read it at the Isthmus’ website, the Daily Page.

There are also plugs for some of our artists – Given Willingly, Electric Sea Spider, Wild Dogs In Winter.

Check it out here.  We’re extremely grateful for this superbly flattering piece, and we’d love to hear what you think.

~John & co.

News: Mine All Mine Records Presents Umbrella Music Festival

A few months ago, our good friend Lindsey Ballo asked us to participate in the planning and hosting of a new music festival in Madison, Wisconsin (our home turf).  On December 9th, we all get to see the fruits of our labor.  As you can see by the flier above, there are a ton of artists and organizations involved.  We are lucky to be one of them.

As for our contribution to the festival, Corey and I have been working largely on the artist side of things (our own band, Fambly Fun!, will be performing).  The always-wonderful All Tiny Creatures will be headlining the show, and you can also expect great sets from The Count, The Choons and the band formerly known as Fishhooks.

On top of that (and other miscellaneous planning and consulting tasks), Corey and I are putting together a very special release featuring tracks from the artists playing this show.  These CDs will be available for purchase at the event, and proceeds will go t0 SlaveFree Madison.

If you haven’t heard of Stumptown Printers, we want to take a moment and ask you to go check them out (their website can be found here).  They were nice enough to donate 100 of their Arigto Packs to our project.  I’ve been a long-time fan of their eco-friendly packaging, and there was no doubt in my mind that we should use their product.  In fact, the idea that I could release music on my own came to me when I first saw a CD packaged in the Arigato Pack – I spent ages tracking down the artist to find out where he got these things.  The first release I ever did on my own was actually in Arigato Packs, too.

I’d also like to mention that the awesome art you see on that poster is by Joe Ludwig.  He’s an animation student and the brother of Fambly Fun!’s saxophonist.  He was nice enough to donate his art to the cause, and the name was inspired by this very piece.  You can check out more of his work here.

If you’re in the Madison area on December 9th, head on over for some great free music and support a great cause.  We’d love to see you there!

~ John & co.

News: (Minor) Name Change

In the past, we’ve been known strictly as mine, all mine! records.  I was extremely fussy about the particulars, including the abbreviation of mam!records.

I’ve come to see that on average, people have problems with these names – and perhaps rightfully so.  People have problems not capitalizing the name, particularly at the beginning of a sentence.  They also have issues remembering where the punctuation should go, as well as what exactly the punctuation is.  What we end up with is a strange mishmash of ways to write the label name, which ultimately causes issues for people trying to find and/or talk about us.

To remedy this (and with great pains), we are officially changing the name to the simpler Mine All Mine Records.  All words are now capitalized normally, and the punctuation is gone for good.  As for the abbreviation – well, that’s not so simple.  There happen to be other labels with the abbreviation M.A.M. Records (or something similar).  As far as I know, none of them are huge, but I also don’t want people looking for us and finding them, or vice versa.  For now, we will stick with the abbreviation mamrecords (which is similar to our old mam!records), but if you have better ideas you’re free to use them.

These changes will be slowly rolling out, so you might see the old versions of the name in use in some places (particularly if we’re slow to change logos).  There’s also the issue that facebook does not currently allow for name changes on pages with greater than 100 connections.  We don’t want to abandon you all there, so until facebook realizes how dumb their current policy is, we’ll be using the old naming convention there.

~John & co.